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Well, it’s so good that you have just logged onto my personal website. This website has been created me (Mikesh Shrestha). All the pages here are made in Flash only. The whole page from top to bottom is made and designed with Flash document only. This site contains some tutorials, music lyrics and many more things. You will find it quite easy to navigate to the place you want. This site contains interactive lessons for web learners. You have not just tutorials to look out now. More than it, it also contains lyrics for nice songs. It may also contain songs for the respective lyrics.


You might also want to check out my cool creations on Flash, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and other software. I’ve designed some wallpapers, logos, banners, etc using these softwares. These things were just pretty easy to make and I hope I’ll be keeping video tutorials for Photoshop and Flash lessons too. These all works are under construction. I’m actually a student so I hardly get time to do all these stuffs except on my holidays so might take some months to make and publish it on the web.
Well, what else can I say. If you want any more informations or have any problems with any links then please kindly let me know about it. My email ID’s are ‘mikeshshr@hotmail.com’, ‘mikeshshr@yahoo.com’, ‘mikeshshr@gmail.com’, ‘mikeshshr@enet.com.np’. Just email me with any oh these email address according to your comfort. You can also post your comments by filling on the Comments Form. But you got to have a email address that can be used on Outlook Express or Office Outlook cuz it’s gonna send that comment using these softwares.
If you would wanna know more about me then you can see my detailed profile on ‘http://mikesh.hi5.com’. Hope you will get to know me and keep in touch with me by emailing me and asking what you want to know about computer stuffs. Oh, there’s something you should know. You might also be familier and known with this but if you know don’t then listen up. If you want to get the scope of this website or you don’t know where the think you are looking for is then Sitemap section will guide you for this problem. You might also want to check added stuffs every month. All the new features or contents will be notified to you on this section. Hope you like my website and remember not to forget to check each and every section of this website and get benefitted and entertained by this website.