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Well, checked all the links of my site. If you think you liked it then just email me to say how it is and what should I do to make it more attractive and useful to you people. You have any problems regarding the topics I have covered, if yes just let me know and I will be there for your help. I will try to give you the reply to your question as soon as possible and I will also assure you that I will give you the correct steps and some other suggestions too if necessary.
You can simply email me for all these purposes. If you think you have time then please leave your comments


to me. I have many email address which you can use to send what you want to ask or tell me. You do not have to feel any kinds of hesitations to ask any sorts of questions regarding the topics included here. You can also ask other than these also and I will try my best to reply to your question as soon as possible.
My email IDs are ‘mikeshshr@hotmail.com’, ‘mikeshshr@yahoo.com’, ‘mikeshshr@gmail.com’, ‘mikeshshr@enet.com.np’. You should find comfortable to email me using these email IDs.