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URL (Uniform Resources Locator)

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The URL is the internet address of a particular web page. In addition to web pages, URL can also paint to various other files and locations on the Internet. For e.g.: File on FTP server and e-mail address. A typical web pages URL appears in the following form http://network location/path/file name.extention. Http is the first component of URL that is the protocol which indicates a particular Internet service. This protocol, http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) identifies on file on a World Wide Web server.
Other common protocols include FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which identifies a files on FTP server and mailto, which identifies an individual’s e-mail address. Network location is the component identifies the computer on which the file you wish to access is stored. These components have two or more parts, separated by periods. For e.g.:,, etc. In these examples “www” indicates the World Wide Web Path which is another component of URL which identifies the folder in which the file you wish to access is started. Now the last component of URL is filename with extension. This component of identifies the actual file you wish to access, For example: careers.php, index.htm, download.php, etc.