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Hi, I’m Mikesh Shrestha the author, designer or what so ever of this website. I am a student studying on AVM Higher Secondary School on Grade 9. I live in Nepal, Lalitpur. I always want to make something that can be interesting and essential to others. So thinking about it I planned to make tutorials for learners. Not only that but it is also useful for music lovers and listeners. Those who want to listen to English songs they can get to listen to the songs and see their respective lyrics. This site was just nothin’ to make. I am trying to add some more features to this site so that it will cover wide variety of stuffs.


Well, you have to get waiting till it comes to you. NEW stuffs section will be added and which you guide you what stuffs are added on given date. What to do man, I am thinking of many things to do but my host does not allow me to do so. I have got some limitations of the size of the site so I just can’t include all the stuffs that I want to. Anyway you can get to know about me by emailing me or referring to my profiles.
You can get my detailed profile about me on ‘http://mikesh.hi5.com’. Hope you will get to know me and keep in touch with me by emailing me and asking what you want to know about computer stuffs.