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Learn to design your site without HTML Codes

So you don't want to hang up with the HTML Codes right. No Problem we have just the right solution for your problem. You have not known even the basic HTML codes then also it's no problem for you any more. All the things you need to have is the skill of designing the website and a website designing software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage. You can just design the website and you will not be bugged with the codes because they will generate the HTML codes by themselves.
These softwares are pretty simple and easy to use. You just have to select the things you want and leave it all to these softwares. They will do what you want to do all for you. If you don't have these softwares then it's not possible to design a site without typing the codes. Any Text Editors can be possible to type the codes for your site. So, if you don't want to hang up with the codes then download or purchase any of these softwares to make your imagination or design come true without typing any codes. Further detailed information on designing in Dreamweaver and FrontPage will come soon.