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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) | Webpage | Website

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a special language known as scripting language, which is used to set the information to the web page. It is a markup language. Writing in it means that you start with the text of your page and add special tag around words or paragraph. The tag produces different effects in the browser.
We can use any types of text editors for HTML coding. For e.g.: Notepad, Cute Page, Front Page, Dream weaver, etc. HTML is specially used for web designing. HTML documents are saved with .htm or .html extensions.For more information click on Troubleshooting tab & click on HTML Tags for more information about HTML tags.


Web page is the collection of information on graphically. Information can be texts, graphics (image), video, audio, animations, or objects. Web page is also known as electronic document which contains graphics, animations, video, audio, objects, etc.
We cannot make graphics, animations, video, audio, or any objects. We need to import it from the file location, if the imported file is deleted then web page cannot show those objects. So, to display any objects on the web page the file should be present on the given source or location.
To open a web page, you need to have any compatible Web Browsers, like: Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, Neo Planet, Mozilla, etc which is used to view the web page.


Web Site is the collection of Web pages linked with each other. Every Web site name starts with WWW. The development of the World Wide Web was begun in 1989 by Tim Berner-Lee and his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization base Geneva, Switzerland. They created a protocol, HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), which standardized communication between server and clients. Their text based Web Browser was made available for general released in January 1992.
The World Wide Web gained rapid acceptance with the creation of Web Browser called Mosaic, which was developed in the USA by Marc Andreessen and other colleagues at the National Centre for Supercomputing and other at the National Centre for supercomputing Application at the University of Illinois and released in September 1993. Mosaic allowed people using the web to use the same sort of “Point and Clock.” Graphical manipulations had been available in Personal Computer for same year. In April 1994, Andreessen Confounded Netscape Communication Corporation whose Netscape Navigator becomes the dominant Web Browser soon after it’s released in December 1994. By the mid-1990’s the World Wide Web had million of active user. Now a days, by sitting in the home we can use and see the news, sports, media, information about different things, etc from Worlds Wide Web and we can make our own Worlds Wide Web site. Some of the websites for viewing:

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WWW is huge collection of documents that are stored on computer around the world. Internet Explorers, Opera, Netscape Communicator are some common Web Browsers.